Wednesday, June 29, 2016

And then there is more...

Front view.  I added a few decorative wooden
 pieces to the base , mounted  the circular
base on a wooden platform with legs.
Various clock faces, gears, etc adorn the base
to continue the theme.

Ok...#2 of the butterfly trio is finished.  Loving SteamPunk it was time to see how I could translate that to another shape.  I had done something similar with Gear Girl an had so much fun. Which also means I have quite a collection of gears, watch parts and assorted SP paraphernalia.

After everything was adhered to the butterfly stick stand-up from Retro Cafe Art, I gave them a series of glazes, stains and paints to give them a patina-ed look.  To me, the only thing that can improve the look of raw metal is the look of aged metal.
I like to add interest and dimension by hanging
things off the edges, The Tim Holtz sentiment bars
seem to be perfect for this.
Back view

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