Tuesday, June 28, 2016

On a Roll

She proudly stands 10" tall.  I added a
larger base than the one that comes with
the basic kit.  But I like the added stability.
You know what they say, "Moss can't grow on a rolling stone."  So I've got to keep moving ahead.  After such a long hiatus, I've got a lot that needs completion.  Of course the 90+ degree weather in the Midwest sure makes hanging out in the studio (basement) a welcome relief.

Flower closeup.
Long before my break, I had painted 3 of the butterfly sticks from Retro Cafe Art.  But unfortunately, that is as far as I got, 2 black and one crackled white.

And then they sat.  Inspiration was just not there.  But slowly it returned.  The first one finished is this one with an undercoat of off white crackle paint. (Spray can by Krylon)

The flowers are made from Grunge Paper (remember that product?)  I always pride myself on not having to buy anything else but using my stash. Unfortunately that give you an idea of just how vast that collection is.  A bead chain winds up the stem while curls of wire spike out of the flower display and decorate the simple butterfly.

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