Sunday, June 26, 2016

OMG! So Embarrassed.

This beauty is 9" tall and a full 6" wide.  She hangs and
is perfect for the entrance to hang keys.
Can you believe it is 6 months since my last post.  BUT with good reason.  Two knee replacements and therapy has kept me out of the studio.  But now able to handle the stairs again, I'm anxious to work and share what I'm doing.  This has been a very long process and even when I could traverse the stairs, the leg just wasn't allowing me to sit for very long,  But boy did I see a lot of YouTube and TV.

I've been stockpiling a lot of various projects.  It was easy to complete the bottom layer but my MOJO was absent and I had very little inspiration. Luckily the 'blanks' from Retro Cafe Art are fun to work with and inspire me to create.

I love using vintage pieces that I find in all of my art.  And my goal is usually to make something that is 'purposeful.'  While I love all types of creation, those that can be useful and not just decorative are my favs.

Built on some  VERY cheap hooks from HL, I was able to use my collection of vintage rulers and yard sticks.  Cut and glued to the background, they are a perfect base for the Retro Café Art Primitive angels.

Rounding out the pieces are more items from the
stash.  Lots of printed labels, metal letters and
other doo-dads.
Sisters is more square with small 'angels'.  Finished she is about 6" by 6"

Closeup of BFF.  Love finding just the
right sentiments. More closeups can
be seen at my ETSY site.