Thursday, July 24, 2014

What's in a name?

This lovely lady stands 8 inches tall
Help me name her! I'm at a loss.

I just finished a new steampunk piece that I have been half halfheartedly working on for quite some time.  You know how that goes???  You have the basic idea and start but then you just get busy?  Lose interest?  Or lose your mojo? BUT when it all comes's a happy day.  And so it is for this project.  "SHE" started as a Steampunk Cameo Stand-Up from RetroCafeArt.  I knew that I wanted to replace the Masonite gears with REAL metal ones but where to go from there?

I also like to make the pieces appear functional so I mounted her on a 2x 2" box.  I covered the body with Graphic 45 original Steampunk Gear paper but it was just too plain.  Add a little texture with Glossy Accents and the pattern from a non-stick mat and voila.  I then covered it with Martha Stewart Patina paint and it now looks like some rich marble.

The body is covered with paper,
Glossy Accents and paint.
The hair was a series of cut-outs that I covered over with metal gears, bottle caps, screws, etc.  anything to fill it in and make it look punky. I still wasn't sure that it was what I wanted.  It just didn't have the cohesiveness I wanted.  Enter a bag of cheap plastic leaves from HL and voila!  I paired them on the base with a gear and added a few in the empty spaces of the hair to tie it all together.

A close-up view of the details
making up the hair.
I like to use found  objects in all my work.  In this piece you'll find, bottle caps, vodka bottle caps, and my new signature embellishment...hearing aid batteries.  I find this sooooo rewarding to use things that I have lying around.  My latest goal is to nor buy anything for the projects.  And except for the plastic leaves, this piece was a success. 


  1. Hi this is my first visit to your blog & I just love what you have done with " MISS BLUE-DACIOUS" great job!!

  2. WOW! WOW! WOW! and just WOW! I LOVE it, Linda! This might be my all-time favorite piece that you've created. I think the one's that take the longest to finally get right, are the one's we like the most. BRAVO, girlfriend!


  3. "She" is Awesome!!! It does look like marble, great finish. A name for her, Lady Beatrice.