Friday, June 27, 2014

Coming soon to a mailbox near you!

That is IF you participated in the RetroCafeArt Mermaid Swap.  Kristin does such a fabulous job planning and executing these swaps that I just can't help but participate. That and the fabulous creations that I get in return.   

The hardest part is saying goodbye to your blessed creations when finished.  And every time I have to argue with hubby.  He always wants me to keep them.  I guess that he doesn't realize that the REAL thrill for me is in the creative process.  And did I mention that I always try to use the majority of the stuff from my existing stash.  

Each of these articulated chipboard 'dolls' stands at least 11" tall.  The size is perfect to allow you to handle the pieces without being too large. 

With this post I though it might be fun to identify some of the different materials I used.  I hope they bring as much of a smile to your face as they did mine discovering them. 



  1. These are soooooooo cool! Too fun!


  2. Your mermaids are so fantastic Linda! And thank you so much for the kind words. I ADORE having you in the swaps! You always rock them! xoxo

  3. Fun stuff! What is the "texture foam"? I LOVE th tails!