Thursday, July 7, 2016

Rescued Canvas

You know how those painting parties go?  There is a single sample and everyone is supposed to follow the directions to create one similar to the example.  NOT!  First of all, I hardly ever create anything is just two hours.  And secondly, FLAT is not my real style.  AND did I mention you are supposed to copy the sample.  Needless to say my first and only paint party experience was less than fun.  My friends have done a variety of things with theirs from hiding in a closet to hanging in the garage.  You know who you are.

After looking at this canvas just sitting in the pile, I knew that whatever I did to it had to be better than its current state.  The inspiration for this piece was the colorful freebie sunglasses that we had been collecting and the Jimmy Cliff song, I Can See Clearly Now.  And when I found that some sentiment in an was a go.  And then there was the beautiful Graphic 45 Paper, Typography (no longer available).  Love the bright colors.  Gotta say...this piece was just pure fun.

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