Sunday, July 10, 2016

Back to My First Love

I started my current craft journey (in the 21st century) as a scrapbooker.  I used this as my creative outlet, producing pages for my daughter and our family vacations.  My first luv gave way to my exploration of mixed media and assemblage and of course developing projects for my many paper crafting classes.

Last week I unexpectedly became a great aunt.  Yes I knew the event was coming but with a mid-September due date, I thought I had plenty of time to create something for my niece and nephew. However, Joshua decided to make his entrance early.

Since my niece is herself a crafter and scrapbooker, I knew she would appreciate a personalized album and have the time to work on it while waiting for him to come home.  Hence I return to my first luv...creating mini albums.  I love the process of creating lots of empty pages with all sorts of pop-ups and outs and tons of kitschy embellishments.  And did I mention, I get to use stuff from my stash.

PS...I didn't have much in the way of baby embellishments so I HAD to go shopping.  Very disappointing to see how little J's, M's and HL in the scrapping section.
Mom and Dad have their own pages

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