Sunday, December 6, 2015

What a year?!?!?!?!?!

As we near the end of 2015, I am reflecting on what a lousy year it has been. If you have followed my posts then you'll know that there is a huge gap.  Shortly after my January 2015 post about the DLP, I fell on the ice.  Hitting my elbow directly, I jammed up all the bones in my shoulder, tearing several/all tendons.  Pain, lack of mobility and general discomfort for months until reconstructive surgery was preformed in April.  Physical therapy for months with mobility and strength coming slowly.  So what do you do when you can't!  And we did...Florida, Hawaii, Alaska and the Caribbean.
The seahorse stands 14 inches tall.  Plant
fronds are made of 'sized' burlap and
numerous shells and artifacts adorn
the base.

But now I'm back.  Able to use my arm and hand more.  Not perfect but better. So I've been working on finishing up some of the things that were 'in progress' for quite some time.

You know I love working with the blanks from Retro Cafe Art.  Here is one of their pieces the Seahorse Shrine Kit.  This is typically a wall hanging but I added a dowel rod and base to create a standing sculpture.  It was a lot of fun just letting loose and adding all kinds of stuff that I've been collecting.

Closeup of the shrine.  Bottles of sea water and
sand and a real sea urchin skeleton all the way
from South Africa.  Yes, that is a little lobster
hanging around his neck.
After painting and 'crackling' the paint for an interesting surface, he was ready for decorating.  I finished him up using the mini-merman, also from Retro Cafe Art.  Adding some beads, bottles and other artifacts from my stash, it all came together.
I'm pleased with the whimsical look. And truly this is one of the places that makes me most happy...the sea.

Base closeup.  Shells, glass and metal too.

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