Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Wonderful Surprise

Way back in January I submitted pictures to Steampunk Magazine for possible publication.  They promptly responded with a Thank You and I heard no more.  I got the sense from the emails that they would be published, but nothing happened. I checked the next editions and while I saw a lot of great stuff, nothing looked familiar.

But then a plain brown envelop arrived in the complimentary copy of Volume 7 of Steampunk Magazine and lo and behold, my creations are there.  I was thrilled to see the 3+ page spread highlighting 8 of my dolls. All of the dolls were built on Retro Cafe Art blanks with a nice shout-out to them in the project descriptions.

If you're interested in what was in the magazine, all of them have been shown here in previous posts; Gear Girl, the three Steampunk shrines and four of my Santos dolls.

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