Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Love Those Santos Dolls.

I've made several Santos Dolls to date.  And they are so much fun. I'm developing quite a little collection of the saints.  It's hard to say what comes first...the saint's name or the doll.  This one took a bit of a twist from the direction she was going.

Welcome St Patrick!  Most people recognize St Patrick as the Patron Saint of Ireland.  But he is also the Patron Saint of Engineers which is what this one represents.  He/she is kind of a steampunk saint with lots of metals, chains, gears and other typically steampunk paraphernalia.

St Patrick is built on the Retro Cafe Art, Medium Santos Doll Shrine.  Once constructed, I paint them first and then in this case gave them several other coats of glaze to make them appear to be metal.
Back view

If you have seen my work then you know that I love to add antique found objects and this one is no exception.  He has a fine collection of gears, bulbs and faucets parts.

Copper spool hair and goggles.

This pious little angel adorns the inside platform
This piece, like many others is for sale at Honey Poo Poo in West Dundee, IL.
The peplum is a series of gears and sprockets.
The breastplate is resin and real watch oarts.

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