Friday, November 7, 2014

Play Time

Moment in Time
This 6 inch cutie is kinda
steampunk in that she has gears
ans metals, chains, etc.  Her name
comes from the "Live in the Moment"
sentiment from the TH, ideology tag and
the antique watch parts.
I've been very busy lately creating some more of the Guardian Angels that have been so popular at HoneyPooPoos.  They've just been delivered, so they are view-able live in West Dundee. Next post will highlight those beauties.

But on the way to 'just ordering wings' I fell in love with the new primitive angels from Retro Cafe Art and had to have them.  I placed my order and waited not so patiently for them to arrive. With Indy only 150 miles from here I usually have 2-3 days delivery.  But no, this one time I am in a hurry the USPS has to screw up and ship them form Indy to IL to Pennsylvania and back to IL. Arriving 7 days later.

In my play, I'm trying a few new techniques.  Well new to me anyway.  I'm a paper person but the small size has made paper cutting just a little too tedious.  Instead playing with stamps, paint and inks.  These gals were a lot of fun and I have to admit, fairly quick to create.

The background that they are secured to is a creation from some vintage rulers that I have been gathering for years, cut and mounted on some REAL HL finds.  These closeout hooks were only 2 bucks (yes just like the wine).
Yes 12" rulers and yard sticks from
my collection, resale shops and dad's
workshop.  Been collecting them for quite some time.

Hooked wall plaques from the HL
clearance section, painted primitive
angels from RCA and 'heads' from

You know that sometimes you have a picture in your mind's eye of what you want to do and you're just not sure how things will turn out.  Well I must say, I am extremely pleased. Not only were these things fun to play with but they fulfilled my expectations.

The three plaques are all constructed on heavy hook-boards making them not only lovely but functional.  The larges ones measure about 12" in height (without the hook) and 7" wide.  The smaller one is only 8" tall.

As always, part of the goal was to continue to use stuff from my stash.  So in keeping with that, the only thing  purchased for this project was a couple of NEW pens to add the black and white accents to the 'girls.'


  1. Dang! I hate when my comments disappear! These are fabulous! I particularly like the smaller one that says simplify and has 3 figures. That makes me smile. Thanks for sharing your creations. Those rulers were waiting for this project.

    1. Thanx Sandy. Appreciate your comments. You were so right about the rulers.