Tuesday, November 11, 2014

All My Guardian Angels

This my medium sized steampunk angel. She has
lightbulbs. antique bobbins and other metals.

Back to the Guardian Angels after my segue to the Primitive Angels. After all this is what started it all...a simple order for some additional wings.  But I just had to have those Primitive Angels.

A closeup of the center which
includes real watch innards and gears.
I have loved putting these angels together.  Last Christmas I made some of these Retro Cafe Art angels for my friends.  It was fun to personalize them for those I know.  I blogged about those earlier this year.  But what to do for an 'unknown' purchaser or recipient?   Well it has proven to be just as much fun.  I paint the background...choose a theme and then let the magic happen.

This is the large cage doll.
She is 10" tall and has a
3/4 deep niche.
The niche measures 1.5 X 2"

This is one of the big angels.  She measures in at a full 10 inches. Lots of metal and shine here to complete the theme, "You are Loved".  This gal is decorated with charms and hearts.  A neat little niche is filled up with a bottle of love notes. a mini shrine and hearts of course.  I only made one of these.

Made 2 of the medium ( 8" tall) caged angels, Live in the Moment pictured above and Journey pictured left.  I have never used paper on the dolls like this before but I thought it would be fun to use an old map like cloth.  Lots of crinkling and some Glossy Accents made the paper behave and keep its shape.  Other elements help to support the journey theme.

The smallest angels at only 6" were a bit of a challenge.  I decided to go a little funky with one of them, Your Ticket and I really had fun playing.  Lots of fun and colorful elements add to the absurdity.  The little ones hang from a beaded chain suspended from their wings.

Wander urges us to be ourselves.  I love the plane that has the parachuter hanging from her.  Can't think of a better was to 'enjoy the journey'

Her bodice is metal foil.
She reminded my a lot of a mime.
I loved the metal vest she is wearing
cut from a Sizzix Make'n'take

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