Sunday, November 23, 2014

It's a Paper Thing

I LOVE my collection of mannequins. They have been a staple in the studio since I built it and added to over time. And some seem to be screaming at me to be clothed.  

Some of them are plain paper mache.  Others are finished in wood, wire or cloth.  It's the paper mache ones that needed some decorating.

I guess this is the grownup version of playing with paper dolls, which I did obsessively as a child.  I especially liked the Betsy McCall ones that were in the McCalls Magazine every month and the ones of then famous people like Mary Hartline.  If the name means nothing to you, you're just not that old.

Below is the medium sized paper mache torso (pictured far right) with a wooden base and filial added.

Ever since the G45 paper Bohemian Bazaar was released with its bright and bold color and designs I knew I would be using it to create a fun and funky dress for one of my torsos.  I started the project with the ruffled skirt and then just let it take shape...literally.'s all paper except the cloth flowers,
shoulder ruffles, ribbon, bottle-caps and the beads.
Love the peplum.
Using a paper crimper, softens the paper and
makes it easier to bend.  When applied to torso
and glued down the crinkles can be smoothed out
if desired.

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  1. Beautiful I love mannequins myself. I love the skirt you made for it. Nice