Friday, January 2, 2015

Time to Play

Happy New Year

The finished page.  Continuing in my goal to utilize my stash, this page uses
a Dyan Reavely journal, which I had, rub-ons, washi tape and tags.
I've been gone for quite awhile. Enjoying the holidays with family and friends.

I finished the projects I needed to...cleaned the studio...Erin and Brian used it for their bedroom...and now it's mine again. Oh, what to do?

Finished my ATC cards for Saturday's Swap.

Now what?  I caught up on the videos for the 2 classes I am taking that started the on the 1st, Creative Jump Start 2015 (CJS) and Documented Life Project (DLP).  I found these to be a great way to get back into the crafting swing after such a long hiatus.  Lots of great ideas in a very manageable time frame.  I can certainly find time to watch a 10 minute each day with my coffee.

Thought I'd share a few pix of the process used in my first page of DLP.

This is the easy part for me.  Cover the pages with "book" paper.  I used pages from books, ledger paper, sheet music, old ads, etc to completely cover the 2 page spread.
Easy peasy!

Then I LIGHTLY  covered the pages with white
gesso.  This gave them an all over faded look and added some coherence.  It was tough because I really liked the look with just the various papers. I guess I really am a word junkie.

After drying. I followed the gesso with a wash of water colors.  Using only limited colors, magenta, turquoise, yellow and lime, I was able to achieve the light colors I wanted and still see some of the print.

Pretty scary at this point as the colors seem a bit bright.  But that's the way it is with mixed media...layers, layers, layers.

I added washi tape to hold some elements on the page and to add additional accent.  A few rub-on sentiments and it all comes together.

I printed a calendar on vellum, so as not to hide the art underneath,  to document the daily activities.  The tag flips up hiding the very private goals.

Can't wait to see what next week's assignment brings.

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