Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's a fall thing

The Queen is 6" of mean.
I gotta admit that Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays.  At least not since I was a kid and Halloween would fall on a Saturday and we would leave the house, pillowcase in hand to T or T for hours.  Maybe come for lunch and then off again. Those days are long gone.

But for the last few years I have participated in the Retro Cafe Art Tombstone Swap and have a great time making and getting clever and creative pieces of art from all over the US.  This year after I posted the 4 tombstones I created, I received many complimentary comments. But one (you know who you are) stuck out, "I want one!.. Where's the buy button at? Ha ha."  So I decided to act on that.  Back to the stash!

To say I have a lot of 'craft crap' would be an understatement.  And many of you know that much to the chagrin of M's, J's and HL, I have held to that.  If I don't have it, I don't need it.
There was so much going
on inside that I left the sides
 and back pretty naked.
My favorite part here...
the spider in the jar.

This started as a simple ATC box but
it took on a life of its own pretty quickly.

Luckily I had a couple of extra pieces from Retro Cafe Art and a lot of stuff from past projects.  I discovered how much fun it was to just pull out all the stops and let the ideas flow.  The ideas came pretty easily for the Queen of Evil.  Not so much for the Zombie Witch. This is one of those instances where an oops becomes a happy accident.  This piece is really several pieces from RCA Scrap Pack.  Thanx Kristin for always being so generous with those. I knew I wanted to use some of my embossing powders but I guess I made the mistake of painting the blanks first, 'cause the powder just wouldn't stick.  It kept bubbling and flaking off.  Hence...the Zombie look.

I guess the fun thing about creating with a Halloween theme is that anything goes.  If it's creepy it works.

These babies will go in the mail tomorrow and the recipient should have them next week.  Do you know who you are yet?

On her back is a lot of tattered toule.

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