Thursday, October 2, 2014

Backing up a bit

In August, I attended Create Mixed Media Retreat for the first time in a few years.  My previous experiences had left me rather disenchanted because of the very expensive, yet lack luster classes.  After spending hundreds of dollars, I had learned little and had NO finished projects. But urged by my crafting buds, I decided to try another class this year with Laurie Mika.  And disappointed...I was NOT!

Laurie's class in creating Hamsa's from polymer class was fun and so instructional. While I had played with polymer clay before, I had no idea of all of its possibilities.  Laurie was knowledgeable, generous and 'spot-on' with her instruction and critiques.  

Not only did I learn plenty of new techniques and nuances or working with the clay but I walked away with an almost finished piece.  Why almost?  Because I had the vision of dangling some beads from the bottom and didn't have the beads with me.  But with Laurie's encouragement and expert advice I was able to set  some rings into the bottom and finish the dangles at home.  Also added at home...nail heads drilled and set into the hardened clay.  Just added that bit of real metal that I love.

Loved the class...Love the piece.

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