Wednesday, October 1, 2014

And the winner is...

RetroRetro Cafe Art Tombstone Swap
Yup, the tombstones won.  While they had a Monday deadline and the ATCs have a Saturday, they had to get into the mail.  Very happy with the completed projects. Sometimes, working in a tight time frame leads to new creative paths.  That certainly happened here.  Not my typical style.  No time to rethink design decisions...just go with it.

These little babies stand only 3.5 inches tall but it is amazing how much art can be packed into a small space.  I send in 4 and get 4 back.  Can't wait to see what these talented ladies create.  No it's not exclusive to women but I don't think any fella has ever participated.  OK men.  Who wants to break into the swap?




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