Friday, July 1, 2016

Getting My Pretty On

Try as I might, I have a hard time working in 'grunge' mode that I see in so much altered art and mixed media today.  I may have great plans and intentions but when it come to the composition, I seem to fall back on what I know best.  BUT luckily I usually love what I create.

This is the third of the Retro Cafe Art butterfly stick stand-ups for me to finish.  As I said previously, I gave all three of them an paint undercoat and then they sat and sat and sat until I was healed and had some inspiration to finish them.  Now they're done.

This butterfly sits on a a circular base which is then glued to an old drawer-ed box. (Remember I like to produce things that are functional as well as pretty)

The box is approximately 10" wide
with the finished stand equally tall.
Loving the look of metal (my trademark) I decorated the piece with chain, wire and flowers made from sheet metal and Grunge Board.(Tim Holtz)

While my natural instinct was to keep the piece B and W, I decided it needed a pop of color.  And who doesn't love red?  I usually finish the back of my pieces for 360 degree enjoyment, but this one didn't seem to need it.  So the back is finished but not really decorated.


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