Tuesday, April 15, 2014

And Baby Makes Three

Yup...she's done, St Piran.  Three Santos Cage Dolls, three sizes and three different looks.

St Piran is the smallest of the Santos Dolls from Retro Cafe Art. Standing only eight inches tall, her Masonite form is covered in Antique Linen Crackle Distress Paint from Ranger and then further aged using Antique Linen and Vintage Photos Re-inkers, also from Ranger. The poor gal sat at this stage for a long time while I finished her bigger sisters.  I knew that I wanted three different looks. St Eligius came first followed by St Barbara, with their old metal looking finishes. And for St Piran an aged wood look.

But how to decorate...into the stash I go.  I added several pieces of RCA charms (hearts, wings, cross), but I just couldn't finish her without some metal and chain...kinda my signature. Back to the stash to find more.

Why St Piran?  Just trying to keep in the theme of the Santos Dolls.  Saint Piran was an early 6th-century Cornish abbot and saint, supposedly of Irish origin.  He is the patron saint of tin-miners, and is also generally regarded as the patron saint of Cornwall.  He 'rediscovered' tin-smelting, an ancient art which had been lost.  And to acknowledge that this doll was more than just wood.  

She is adorned with beads and chain, both shiny and dull.  What is different about this doll is that she has no antique piece from dad's workshop here. Instead, free hanging from the center is a stone suspended on glass and wooden beads.
Shown from slightly above, you can
the chain I used to define the skirt.
This was the only thing I purchased.
Found it on the clearance wall at HL.
Wish they had more.
Free hanging stone in the center
of this charmer
Once again, the face was created
 with Primo Polymer Clay in an
Amaco mold. (Victorian heads)

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