Thursday, March 20, 2014

From Humble Beginning
 The start of a new project is always fun.  It has such promise and possibilities.  My particular MO to start the process is to 'cover' the basic pieces with a neutral substrate.  It might be paint, paper or a heavy coat of embossing. Once the first layer is done, the piece begins to speak to me and tell me what it wants to be.  
The finished doll is bejeweled with embellishments
to deck her out in the style which she deserves.

Here these RetroCafeArt Gallery cage dolls are sporting a think layer of cloisonne giving them a heavy metal appearance.
The doll on the left is the large variety, measuring 10.5 inches.  The other two cage dolls are the medium variety measuring only 7 inches tall.
A little Crackle Accents gives
this doll an aged look.
The center niche is a nice place
to add a special charm
The final two cage dolls were gifes for dear friends.  I tried to represent each of the beautiful women in the doll, identifying some of the things that were important to them or made them special.

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