Saturday, August 2, 2014

Everyone needs a Guardian Angel

And here's not ONE but TWO.  My little angels can stand on a shelf or can hang (hanger on the back) on the wall.  Small enough in size at only 7" tall, they can do their work in a very small space.  The Articulated Dress Form Doll from Retro Cafe Art

Though built on the same 'blank' the angels have a very different flavor.  On the right is the Guardian Angel I created with my daughter Erin, who is going through a very difficult time right now, in mind.  For my birthday she gave me a Pandora charm calling me her Guardian Angel so it just seemed natural to continue to support and encourage her with these sentiments.

On the left is my SteamPunk version.  It is so much fun creating with these pieces.  And it seems like the rest of the crafting world is catching on because SteamPunk elements are getting easier to find,

Each of the pieces has a mixture of old and new items...Jewelry parts, gears, Tim Holtz bars, etc.  I usually paint all of my backgrounds and them just apply 'stuff'  This time I decided to add just a touch of paper from Graphic 45 Steampunk Collection and some stamped text on the other.
Check out those goggles...a few brass beads
filled with Glossy Accents. 
Gears make a perfect halo for this Steampunker. clearance finds.
Love these Cloisonne embossing powders.
What will I ever do when I expend my stash? 

I posted this on FB earlier as a sneak peek of this post.
Hopefully it all makes sense now.  


  1. These ladies are very cool. Full of attitude! But wow, that little sneak peek was so misleading! LOL

    1. Yup...attitude! Would you expect anything else?

  2. WOW!!! I popped over to link to your fabulous Steampunk Stand Up and found these incredible creations!!! Holy cow! So many cool details! I especially love the goggles and wire wrapped arms! And you Guardian Angel is beautiful. Amazing job as always. You get better and better if that is even possible! xoxo

  3. WAY cool! Love your blog, girl!


  4. Brilliant! I have looked over your blog, and I must say you are one talented lady!

    Gaby xo