Saturday, March 15, 2014

Home is Where Your Heart Lives
This baby still remains in my collection.
 I just couldn't part with it.  However, this piece recently sold at Honey Poo Poo.
(front view)
(back view)

It's a Chunkie Thing!
Remember way back when Linda Cain taught at CCC and introduced us to Chunkie ATCs?  They were so much fun and a vast departure from the 2 dimensional ATCs that we had produced.  I tucked that spark in the back of my head.  Last year our ATC group produced chunkie ATCs built on 2x4's and I met my love.  I have had so much fun producing these 1.5x2.5x3.5 blocks with special themes and as special gifts for individuals.

These are the first chunkies that I created for our trades.  I hope they found a happy home.
I have developed such a love for creating these little beauties that I find myself constantly on the look out for 'bits and pieces' that will complete a theme.  But I still do pride myself that most of these chunkies are created with goodies from my stash. Lots of charms, jewelry pieces and other ephemera have found new purposes.  Many of my other chunkies can be seen on my Pinterest page.

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  1. Oh how much I had that day with Linda Cain making one of these. Your are so imaginative and FUN!!!