Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Swap for All Seasons
Have I mentioned how much I love RetroCafeArt? I love their products.  Love their swaps. And love the 'goodies' I get in return. I have participated in 5 different swaps and am establishing quite a collection.  What to do with them? How to display them?

Ever since I saw this idea in a shop I have had this image in my mind.  Finally created the shelves and now have a complete display.Three foot long pieces of 1x2" oak are screwed to the wall.  Old* yard sticks are nailed to the face, hiding the wood and providing a slip-proof ledge.

*Old...how do I know?  None of the places are in business anymore and the phone numbers don't have area codes nor do the addresses have zip codes.

I have a little more room so I;m just waiting for the next swap.

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